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GiRLuMiNATi 19 by Tallestgirl

So, here's my first critique... finally noticed something worthy of mentioning... Anyway, the style is good as ever, even better, maybe...

Random from Leila Fan Art

Lovely fanart of my stuff. Lovely, indeed.


Leila Stoat
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Female TG/CD Artist. Woots!
Quick show of hands, here: I'm gonna get myself on the writing wagon of making a Halloween-themed series of TG/CD captions from here to Halloween itself, and I'd like to know: do you feel like seeing them posted here, or you'd rather not see captions in deviantART?

I ask this because I'm one that thinks that TG captions in dA are... well, just feel weirdly out of place, but on the other hand I love them anyway and I do not want to deny you your entertainment, especially with how much I leave you poor things content starved for such long bouts of time! :P

Anyway... just shout in the comments and let me know, and depending on how things go... there'll be spooky-sexy caps coming up! :flirty:


Who Shall Go First Into... The Auto-Dresser? :flirty: 

64 deviants said Dolly (aka Indrid McMandrake)
56 deviants said Jack Stoat (aka The Doormat)
29 deviants said Cherry, Donna and Roy (As Teens)
22 deviants said Anne (aka Anne-Chan) and Rick (aka Rick-Chan)
18 deviants said María (aka The Intern)
12 deviants said Cybelle LaProusse


Jack's Auto-Dresser - Phase 05
Well, suffocation is a reaction, I suppose! :flirty:

So, next up some little adjustment on the garments, for everything to fit a little bit better. So, shall Jack be...

1. magical girl
2. trap party girl
3. thrift store
4. beauty queen
5. ballerina
Jack's Auto-Dresser - Phase 04 [CLOSED]
A lovely starched tutu to go with the tights, of course! Is that some reaction? Is our sissy breaking? Is there some way we can push him even further...

1. pink overbust corset
2. deep cut blouse and falsies
3. peasant style top and big falsies
4. poofy sweater
5. rainbow belly shirt


Mature Content

Jack's Auto-Dresser - Phase 05 by leila-stoat

Jack's Auto-Dresser - Phase 03 [CLOSED]
Oh no, seems like Jack sure is holding his resolve, even if he barely can keep still on those lovely "do me" heels! My, oh my...

I guess we'll have to try harder on the legs department, hmmm? :flirty:

1. denim miniskirt
2. pleated skirt
3. booty shorts
4. tutu
5. leopard print leggings


Mature Content

Jack's Auto-Dresser - Phase 04 by leila-stoat

Year of Hina - June
Very late, but better than never, the year of Hina continues, with the very special month of June! Why so special? Why, because it's the birth month of our lovely sissy girl :iconhinayui:, of course!

And yes, I know she played this "first birthday" gag on me before, but it's too good to pass. :flirty:

And so... this still continues. May even end before the year ends! I sure hope so! :giggles:

Previous Pieces in the Year of Hina
New Year

Mature Content

2015 The Year Of Hina by leila-stoat


Mature Content

Year of Hina - Janunary by leila-stoat


Mature Content

Year of Hina - February by leila-stoat


Mature Content

Year Of Hina - March by leila-stoat

Year Of Hina - April by leila-stoat

Mature Content

Year of Hina - May by leila-stoat
The joke, of course, is that she's fat. American. Get it? :P

Well, here's a totally impromptu shout out to :iconkamackazi: and his rotund ladies and ex-men. Not quite sure why, but it somehow ressonated with Dolly's thing, maybe something with Southern stereotypes? Not sure. :shrug:

Anyway, enjoy darlings! She's on a roll! :flirty:



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a1993 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015
Do you collab with jennyvalentine93?
leila-stoat Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, I do sometimes. I did the illustrations for one of her stories! :flirty:
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Leila I found another Sissy person like you. Their name is :iconfinalsavior: Could you talk to them please :flirty:
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Hey there sissy queen I am coming back from the hospital tomorrow, I just want you to now :kiss: I hope you will be very happy when I do come back.
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The Queen has heard and hopes you're at your best in your return! :flirty:
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