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GiRLuMiNATi 19 by Tallestgirl

So, here's my first critique... finally noticed something worthy of mentioning... Anyway, the style is good as ever, even better, maybe...


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Female TG/CD Artist. Woots!
Through my deviantWATCH page, that is. There are literally tens of pages to check and maybe leave some comments! ^^;

Yea, I just feel like I shouldn't just get back without leaving some feedback to the awesome people around.

Boop! :kiss:


Through my deviantWATCH page, that is. There are literally tens of pages to check and maybe leave some comments! ^^;

Yea, I just feel like I shouldn't just get back without leaving some feedback to the awesome people around.

Boop! :kiss:
Okeh, so, I'm coming back, like, real slow and smooth and so I'm here, guys, but don't get way too excited right now, dears. I'm trying to catch up with, like, loads of stuff.

So, to start, to all people who missed me, I feel really flattered(it'd be a bummer to disappear and not be missed, really :P) and I also miss you. Even those who don't miss me. I'm not vengeful. :roll:

Also, if you don't see me online right away after you read this(hear me, Ani?!) it's because, again, I'm still taking a time from chatting and trying to focus on getting what I had to do done before getting full into this whole ecosystem again.

As for what's been going on, well, mostly I've been killing myself trying and mostly achieving to keep up with horrible work demands and also been going throught some life changes and maybe there'll be more details later on, or maybe not. Not gonna lie, the internet is kinda creeping me off more and more as time goes by, but I digress.

As for what's coming up, first things first: Halloween commissions. Both the one I still have left(OMG Time4CD, I'm so sorry, I didn't forget you :ohnoes: ) and also the ones I left just as I left the face of the earth for a while. And then I have... well, plans. I want to branch out into something different now. But maybe with something classic, too... ;D

Yes, I'm so deviously teasy, ha ha. :flirty:

Well, it's all for now. I'll be looking around and leaving some comments and faving stuff and generally being a little more active around.

Toodles! :flirty:
Well, horrible timing is kind of a constant in my life, but I thought I should just give y'all a heads-up: Halloween requests ain't being done by Halloween.

Big surprise, I know, but I actually started sketching these by last week and then my life comes and intrudes and promises it'll keep intruding until like mid-November.

Overall, there won't be a lot of me as a whole around here or the internets, but I just wanted to apologize in advance. I got my mind on this, it's just sometimes my life is a jerk.

Blargh. XP
So, my request journal got a load of request, oh my! :flrity:

Thus I ordered them randomly with priority to who came first and I'll be doing these requests in this order:


Here's hoping for a month full of delights! :flirty:
Okeh, so, crazy idea I had of offering requests for Halloween, and I haven't decided how I'm going to decide which ones I'll make, but it will be mostly random because I want to give everyone a chance so here goes.

What Can I Request?

This request is going to be pretty simple because we all know how well me and requests go, so might as well make things easier to actually be accomplished. Anyway, the request consists of me and you(or an OC of yours) in matching costumes. No situation/story/plot because, again, keep it simple.

Matching Costumes? I don't understand...

Oh, you silly billy :flirty: It's pretty simple. Matching costumes should be:
- The same costume for both;
- Similar costumes for both(different color/pattern/details)
- Costumes that match in some way(same theme or characters from same show/game/whatevs)

Following that criteria, just submit the costumes in a comment right here. Want a nice couple pic of me and you in cool costumes? Sure thing! Want to see yourself in a lovely girly costume? Of course, honey! :flirty: Want to see me in a ridiculously humiliating costume? Um... I guess I'm game, too. :|

Anyway, you can specify who wears what or just let me choose, at your own choice. Also, reference for you/OC and costume optional, but very welcome!

How Will Selection Be Done?

Again, I frankly don't know. I want to select the ones I like best, but I also want to give everyone a fair chance, so I'll cook up some kind of mixed selection method. It's very probably that I'll do something like 7, so if I don't get many requests you'll definitely be in.

And Will It Ever Get Ready?

Oh sure! For this Halloween? Probably not, but anything could happen. Until Thanksgiving? There's a good chance, yes. Until Christmas? Surely. I'm not even kidding, I really don't want to have a whole year-wrapping Halloween deal again. XD

Is There Any Thing Else I Should Know Phrased As A Hypothetical Question?

No, I think we're good. Comment away and good luck! :flirty:

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elitepikachu9019 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
:hug: Hey Queen sissy, I got something would like for a birthday for me, Could you turn Da-Fuze into a lovely Sissy Diapered girl with Happy Birthday on the dress and a cake all over her face please :) ?
leila-stoat Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm very very happy with the flattering, dearie, but I can't really take any requests right now.

Also, is Da-Fuze in on this thing? Would feel kind of weird to do that with someone who's not consenting, so to say. :P
elitepikachu9019 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014
Aww :( But it almost my birthday and I wanted to see someone turned into a lovely Sissy Diapered girl with Happy Birthday on the dress and a cake all over their face.
Wholeman Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014
Your drawings always bring a smile to my face... and a dampness to my... well, let's not go there.

the US army sent my police departmet 100000 hideous robot arms to rip off citizens' heads but heres the thing, we only need like 500 of them
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nomorezombies Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014
I wish johnii toast wud animorph N2 ratboouy genuiS!!!!
HiddenTG Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Im sure you get alot of them... But it means so much to me that you saw mg tribute and added it to your collection. :)
leila-stoat Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw, shucks! :flirty: Not really, though, especially not after I kind of retired my characters.

Hope I see more from you, honey! :flirty:
cjsluggle Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey you got skype?
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