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GiRLuMiNATi 19 by Tallestgirl

So, here's my first critique... finally noticed something worthy of mentioning... Anyway, the style is good as ever, even better, maybe...

Random from Leila Fan Art

Lovely fanart of my stuff. Lovely, indeed.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Female TG/CD Artist. Woots!
Hello darlings and bitches! :flirty:

So this is feature I thought about and I quickly threw together a catchy funny name, so get ready for Pimping My Pimps, in which I feature people who did art with about me! :flirty:

Fuzed Leila by Da-Fuze

Firstly first, DaFuze's new persona and M.O. inspired me into turning the tables into the pervert assimilator. Unfortunately, he thought otherwise and it seems the tables kept on turning! :ohnoes:

But don't worry, I got better! :flirty:

Leila's Cute Crossdress Meme the Count by MonMonMouse

Here's another take at my own Crossdress Meme by MonMonMouse! I didn't even know people did dA memes in this time and age, but it does feel good to see people having fun with it. :flirty:

Leila Spider TF by Chaos-force

Unexpectedly, Chaos-force decided to turn me into a fashionista spider woman. That was a new one, and I guess it can work out.

Leila Pin up - January by HinaYui

And finally, this one is a special one! Lovely HinaYui decided to give me a whole year of subscription this year, and so as a payback I decided to humiliate the poor thing all year long because I'm a crazy bitch! Now, as a sign of admiration and gratitude, this lovely sissy is paying back with a whole year of pin-ups of moi! How deviously thoughtful!

And this is it for this first and hopefully not last instance of Pimping My Pimps. I obivously didn't go all the way into the past, so please do not feel offended if you did stuff for me way back. I'm sure I adored it.

That's all for now, dearies! Have a wonderful time and keep on whoring me out! :flirty:

...well, not literally, of course! :X


Special Sissy: Goth by leila-stoat
Special Sissy: Goth
Another special entry in my series of sissies, animal-delos comes around as a graciously slim sissy gothique.

I don't think she has any particular function, she's just for my own amusement. :flirty:</em>
Special Sissy: Nerd by leila-stoat
Special Sissy: Nerd
Here's one last ditch effort for tonight, a special sissy dedicated to thedeciver2, featuring a super nerdy super sissy version of his own female self, Ashley.

She's my little secretary/slave now, because I need someone to keep my stuff organized, right? :flirty:

Also, colors. I'm getting to colors now. I feel so alive!

(But very tirep. Boop! x_x )
Silly Sissy 04 by leila-stoat
Silly Sissy 04
Frills of frilly frilliness, now, and an unusual setup, as this sissy starts to feel the effects of its aptly labeled "Sleepy Juice".

Yes, of course diapers would pop up eventually in this series of silly sketches.
Silly Sissy 03 by leila-stoat
Silly Sissy 03
I did mention I was working on different body types and generally practicing outside my zone of comfort, so here's a sissy with something extra. And by something I mean weight, because the other something is not really an extra, it's just expected of sissies. :flirty:

I was tempted by this lovely musing by Gwen to put this chubby sissy in super frilly clothes, but I wanted to show off the best part of the heavyweight darling: natural cleavage! :giggle:

Flash Request Poll II! Comment with Character + Style + Band Name(optional) [CLOSED] 

22 deviants said J-Pop
21 deviants said Heavy Metal
16 deviants said Pop
7 deviants said Techno
6 deviants said Country



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Clockchat Featured By Owner Edited Mar 8, 2015
Happy International women's day, you awesome, perpetual woman maker! :)
leila-stoat Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww you flatterer, I should know you'd be around for this day! :flirty:
LightningMegaRaichu Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
:hug: Hey Queen sissy, I got something would like for a birthday for me, Could you turn Da-Fuze into a lovely Sissy Diapered girl with Happy Birthday on the dress and a cake all over her face please :) ?
leila-stoat Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm very very happy with the flattering, dearie, but I can't really take any requests right now.

Also, is Da-Fuze in on this thing? Would feel kind of weird to do that with someone who's not consenting, so to say. :P
LightningMegaRaichu Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014
Aww :( But it almost my birthday and I wanted to see someone turned into a lovely Sissy Diapered girl with Happy Birthday on the dress and a cake all over their face.
Wholeman Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014
Your drawings always bring a smile to my face... and a dampness to my... well, let's not go there.

the US army sent my police departmet 100000 hideous robot arms to rip off citizens' heads but heres the thing, we only need like 500 of them
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