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GiRLuMiNATi 19 by Tallestgirl

So, here's my first critique... finally noticed something worthy of mentioning... Anyway, the style is good as ever, even better, maybe...

Random from Leila Fan Art

Lovely fanart of my stuff. Lovely, indeed.


Leila Stoat
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Female TG/CD Artist. Woots!
Thus starts Dolly's Auto-Dresser series, and the suggestion survey is officially closed. Just go to the last available round and vote on your choice of clothing to be inflicted on our favorite goth bitch! :flirty:

Round 0 - It Begins!
Round 1 - Diapers! :flirty:
Round 2 - Frilly Socks!
Round 3 - Mary-Janes!
Round 4 - Poofy Skirt!
Round 5 - Super Prissy Microdress!
Round 6 - French Maid!
Round 7 - Pigtails!
Round 8 - Dolly Makeup!
Round 9 - Cute Jewels and Tats!
Round 10 - Sissy Accessories!

Who Shall Go First Into... The Auto-Dresser? :flirty: 

60 deviants said Dolly (aka Indrid McMandrake)
52 deviants said Jack Stoat (aka The Doormat)
27 deviants said Cherry, Donna and Roy (As Teens)
18 deviants said María (aka The Intern)
18 deviants said Anne (aka Anne-Chan) and Rick (aka Rick-Chan)
11 deviants said Cybelle LaProusse


Dolly's Auto-Dresser: Phase 10 [CLOSED] by leila-stoat
Dolly's Auto-Dresser: Phase 10 [CLOSED]

As the Auto-Dresser gives Dolly some finishing touches, she finds herself gripping a baby bottle filled with who knows what, and also a doll version of herself. Or, rather, a doll version of the person she once was before she decides to test this crazy machine.

She'd complain about the way the machine mocks her pride, but she has also been fitted with a ballgag, so we'll be spared her rather colorful language.

And so the Auto-Dresser is finished... is it? What is that about a presentation? Well, you shall now choose where and by what name shall the Dresser's new creation be known to the outside world! Will it be...

1. "Dowwy", in the nursery
2. "Sissy Sally", at the beauty parlor
3. "Dolli", in the mansion
4. "Hina Bambina", in the toy store
5. "Dolly Anna", in the crib
Dolly's Auto-Dresser: Phase 09 [CLOSED]

In comes the jewelry and... other beauty items, and so Dolly gets a lovely utility necklace, a nice collar for complement and also a set of tattoos that match her lovely necklace! She hasn't still wondered if the tattoos are permanent or not, so let's just let her figure that out by herself. :flirty:

Last but not least, comes the accessories! Once again, vote one or more of...

1. baby bottle
2. toy keys
3. ballgag
4. fairy kei wristbands
5. Dolly doll
5. Dolly doll
Dolly's Auto-Dresser - Phase 08 [CLOSED] by leila-stoat
Dolly's Auto-Dresser - Phase 08 [CLOSED]

The Auto-Dresser, being the smart-ass it is, gave Dolly a lovely doll make-up. And you bet it's not exactly, as they say, removable. :flirty:

Next on comes the jewelry. Vote for one or more of:

1. pink hoop earrings
2. pacifier necklace
3. baby-themed tatoos
4. ring pop
5. lacy collar

(Aplogies for the huge delay between updates; rough week :P But we're aaaaalmost done! ;) )
Dolly's Auto-Dresser - Phase 07 [CLOSED] by leila-stoat
Dolly's Auto-Dresser - Phase 07 [CLOSED]

Dolly's hair is arranged in her usual fashion, which helps her cope with the situation rather better. Unfortunately, she's still all jingle-jangley, and also wearing diapers. So... less than optimal!

Next, comes some make-up...

1. heavy doll make-up
2. pink bimbo-esque
3. pink lips, pink cheeks, teardrop
4. pouty red lips and long lashes
5. Victorian
Dolly's Auto-Dresser - Phase 06 [CLOSED]

As the Auto-Dresser is set with a theme, Dolly's jumble of absolutely cute garments are redesigned and re-fit to fit a new theme: a French maid! Dolly is, of course, taking that very well. As usual. :flirty:

And now begins beautification! For Dolly's hairdo, vote:

1. sausage curls and bows
2. platinum blonde beehive and huge bow
3. sweaty "bed hair"
4. Dolly-style pigtails
5. pink dyed extensions down to the ankles



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